Merilee Marvelous.

“Welcome to Jumbo, Texas, home to the most memorable cast of characters you’ll ever meet. And home to the Monroe family. Everything is all lined up in Merilee Monroe’s life - including her prized collection of Pez dispensers - and if anything is out of order she gets, as Grandma Birdy would say, all “nervy.” To Merilee, a derailment from her Very Ordered Existence feels like being on fire.

And then two strangers come to town. Biswick and Veraleen not only derail the V.O.E., they just about obliterate it. And how does Merilee put out the fire? A beautiful, deeply moving, and often comic novel about love, redemption, finding one’s place in the world, and the power of family.”

“Mama says change is God’s way of showing us a tender miracle, kinda like the chocolate inside a Tootsie Pop.”

"I predict this book will be treated seriously as one of the finest works in children’s literature to be published this year." -Claire Rosser, KLIAAT

"First time novelist Crowley proves herself a virtuoso at creating an ensemble cast richly adorned with quirky particulars, and several chapter openings have an emphatic absurdity that makes them beg to be read aloud." - The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

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